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Our Mission

Better Talent's work enables small and medium-sized businesses to operate in the knowledge that their recruitment, training and staff retention programs are built with a view to future growth, bringing corporate expertise to your business. 

We also provide independent advice to individuals who are at-risk in the workplace. 

Viv Sage

Throughout a career spanning thirty years, Viv has developed a close understanding of HR practices at all levels of business, through practical experience instigating and delivering organisational change by implementing HR Strategies in line with corporate strategy. 

After completing his postgraduate CIPD training in 1993, Viv went on to work in leadership roles for Tyco Healthcare, Pall Corporation, South East Water and Plumbase where he developed a working knowledge of corporate HR practice.

Viv's expertise was recognised by New England Seafood, the UK's largest importer of fresh fish, when they employed him as Head of HR in 2009. During his time at the company, Viv won multiple awards for his work, including the FDF Good Employer award (2014) and the Mayor of London's Healthy Workplace Award (2013).

During his final Head of HR posting at SME Genuine Solutions Group, Viv designed a recruitment strategy to source and recruit quality staff, and implemented a 'Future Leaders' programme to identify top-performing team members and fast-track their growth. 

At all stages of his career, Viv has firmly held the belief that investing in Better Talent, enabling your team to grow and following best practice HR guidelines should be a core principle of your business strategy. 

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